After briefing my first appeal, I patiently waited 90 days and received no opinion.  I waited another 90 days: there was still no opinion.  I wanted to know how long it would take the Court of Appeals of North Carolina ("COA") to issue an opinion, and I knew there was a better answer than: "The court has an internal policy of issuing opinions 90 days after argument."  So I found the answer.  I catalogued all of the COA opinions from 2015 and calculated the average length of time the court took to issue opinions.  

For some crazy reason I continued cataloguing opinions in 2016.  As I would input the data questions would pop into my head:

  • How many cases are orally argued each year?
  • Is it more likely that orally argued cases result in published opinions?
  • Are criminal cases affirmed at higher rates than civil cases?
I realized that I could attempt to answer these questions. As a result, I decided to create this blog.

Once a month, I will post information about the COA, with the goal of expanding to include information about the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

If you have any suggestions or would like a place to share your own data please email me